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"It's rare to find a pharmacy where you don't have to wait 30 minutes or more for your prescription to be filled.  But not at Script source Pharmacy.  I am usually out within 5 minutes.  They really do care about their customers.  Thanks again!"


Dena Petrosky

Does your medication look different this time?

Generic prescriptions are manufactured by several different companies.  The size, shape, color, and tablet markings may vary depending on the manufacturing company.  If you ever need to verify that you have the correct medication, contact your pharmacist or use www.drugs.com/pill_identification

Have you ever taken or given a friend or family member some of your prescribed medication?

It is illegal, not to mention dangerous, for someone to take a medication that is not prescribed for that individual.

Have you been recently been diagnosed with a disease or condition that makes you feel uncomfortable and requires privacy?

An alternative to coming into the pharmacy to pick up medication of a sensitive nature would be to use our delivery or mail service.  But if you choose to come in, just know that our staff fosters an atmosphere of non-judgment, trust, and emotional support.  Confidentiality is our promise to you.

Is there anything that I can take “Over The Counter” for Food Poisoning?

Yes, there is a product called “Charco Caps”.  It contains activated charcoal; which helps treat the symptom diarrhea.


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